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Carpet Cleaning System

As a result of its great experience, RCM Research and Development Dept. created Carpet Cleaning System. It's a system for sweeping (Carpet Sweeping System) or washing (Carper Scrubbing System) perfectly indicated to exploit all the potentialities of a sweeper and a scrubber when cleaning large carpet surfaces, allowing immediate practicability without any risk. 
MEGA, with the combined action of the ultra microfiber and of a special detergent, washes the persistent dirt out, leaving a dry carpet. MEGA can be easily transformed in a scrubber drier for floors cleaning.
ALFA, in the Carpet version, sweeps the dust and the voluminous wastes away. 
SLALOM sweeps quickly big carpet surfaces. 

  • Areas from 1000 to 3500 m2

  • Cleaning widt  500, 530, 600 and 730 mm

  • Solution tank 60 l

  • One brushes disc

  • Power: 24V  

  • Areas to 1000 m2

  • Cleaning width 700 mm

  • Hopper capacity 43 l

  • Power: battery 12 V or petrol engine

  • Traction: smart traction (semi-automatic) 

  • Areas from 2000 to 3500 m2

  • Cleaning width 1100 mm

  • Hopper capacity 50 l

  • Filtering surface 3 m2

  • Power: battery 24V  

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